A Suit for the Cannes Film Festival

A Suit for the Cannes Film Festival

Cannes is more than just a film festival, it is a captivating fusion of cinema and sartorial choices. During ten days, the red carpet serves as a vibrant runway for the latest fashion creations and audacious self-expression. Here, alongside the brilliance of the silver screen, dazzling gowns and suits become storytelling tools. Precious and expertly crafted textiles play into this dazzling farandole.

Cannes’ evolving dress code reflects our times

From the timeless elegance of a flowing Dior gown to the electrifying edge of an avant-garde piece, celebrities wield fashion like a second language, crafting unforgettable personas, often reflecting their latest role on the silver screen. 

Think Tilda Swinton's ethereal, gender-bending looks, or Kristen Stewart's barefoot rebellion against restrictive footwear. The red carpet is also making way for cultural representation, and has featured beautiful sari clad Indian actress Deepika Padukone. These moments spark conversation and may reflect societal issues that undoubtedly infuse the world of cinema like sexism, gender equality, multiculturality and world conflicts. In recent years, the red carpet has been a spotlight to protest injustices, from the lack of recognition for female filmmakers to the enduring treatment of women in Iran.


Redefining Suits for the Cannes Film Festival

Subverting conventions and challenging the dress code of the red carpet has become somewhat of an expected occurrence at Cannes. Many actresses abandon the traditional flowing gowns and opt for elegant suits. As seen on industry headliners like Lea Seydoux, Cate Blanchett, Isabelle Huppert, Sandrine Kiberlain, Tilda Swinton and Charlize Theron, the era of the pantsuit is now. Variations in colour, fit, fabric and shape show us that women are brilliantly playing with the codes of the tuxedo.

As for men, those who stray from the classic black evening suit are out to make a splash. Elegant pinstripe numbers have made several appearances on the red carpet on actors Tahir Rahim, Sam Riley, Louis Garrel and Alton Mason.  White suits never miss from the calling sheet as seen on Oliver Cheshire, Noah Beck and Khaby Lame. 

Cut and fit are also breaking away from tradition, men are liberally conjugating volumes: Charlie Heaton and Manuel Rios both wore flowing oversized trousers to last year’s edition. Maximalists are sure to be amongst the in-crowd with fine examples like Spike Lee sporting a hot pink suit, Greg Tarzan dazzling in a satin orange number or Timothee Chalamet shimmering a metallic high shine suit. What is certain is that new iterations of the evening suit are constantly being reinvented, tried and tested at the Cannes Film Festival.



The French Art de Vivre

Of course Cannes wouldn’t be true to its heritage if it weren’t a celebration of the French lifestyle and its infamous Riviera. In this spirit, Dormeuil has designed fabrics for suits that echo the glamour and celebrations that imbue the Cannes Film Festival. La Croisette bunch has something for both sophisticated daytime dressing and a stroll down the red carpet. 

Infused with the easy Mediterranean ways, the fabrics exude softness with the finest 150’s wool and a cashmere and silk blend from Italy. Unconventional cuts, sharp shoulders, pronounced waists and wide lapels will find the perfect canvas in our light fabrics. Perfect for a summer suit, the airy plain weave structure will play up the voluminous cuts seen in later years. 

In terms of colour, this year’s bunch offers both vibrant colours and playful checks will resonate with those looking to make more daring sartorial choices. It is always our pleasure to craft made to measure suits for the Cannes Film Festival. 

Suits at Cannes celebrate the world  of cinema and beyond

Cannes isn't just about fleeting trends ; it's a platform for celebrating creativity but also for highlighting social and environmental preoccupations. Dormeuil is always delighted to spot our fabrics on the red carpet, it is our way of contributing to the history of the silver screen. Once more this year, the world of fashion and film collided, surely sparking interesting conversations. The 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival lived up to our expectations!