Custom wedding suits : how to look sharp on the big day

Custom wedding suits : how to look sharp on the big day

We may think brides get all of the attention, as they should, but grooms are also scrutinized on their big day. This is why a made to order suit must be planned and decided upon well in advance. How the groom should be dressed comes down to the happy couple’s vision of their big day, from the venue to the color theme. In this article, we cover the important things to consider when buying a custom wedding suit.

Understanding the range of made to order wedding suits 

There is no hard rule for a wedding suit for a groom, however there are many different options. There are a surprisingly large amount of criteria that come into play when it comes to a made to order wedding suit. Dormeuil’s history and design philosophy when it comes to producing high quality fabrics has always included special care for life milestones like weddings. In the spirit of choosing timeless elegance for the big day, we have come up with some general guidelines to consider for custom wedding suits:

  • Formality and atmosphere: whether it is a black-tie affair or a smart casual atmosphere, the groom’s wedding suit should reflect this choice. 
  • Colour: black, navy, and charcoal are safe and classic choices. However, we have noticed the rise of more adventurous choices (and Instagram) and surprising colors on the big day. 
  • Fit: made to order wedding suits focus on the perfect sizing and cut. This also means the fabric should perfectly complement the wearer’s body, which requires solid knowledge of fabrics and how they behave. 
  • Accessories: the choice of tie, pocket square, and dress shoes can also make or break an outfit. As a general rule, the color and pattern of the accessories should complement the suit and tie, but this may also vary according to personal style. 
  • Season: couples may get married any time of the year nowadays. The wedding suit for the groom should be appropriate for the season. In short, lighter materials like linen and cotton work well for summer weddings, while heavier materials like wool and tweed to keep warm in winter.
  • Several criteria that come into play when looking at custom wedding suits. Nevertheless, what matters most is that the groom feels confident and comfortable, whether he is wearing a classic black tuxedo suit or a more creative design. 

    What are the different types of wedding suits for the groom? 

    There are several styles of wedding suits for men to choose from, which may feel overwhelming for the uninitiated. Rest assured, from formal to casual, there is something for every taste and mood. Here are some of the most popular styles:

    The tuxedo

    The most formal option when it comes to made to order wedding suits, the tuxedo is usually black or very dark blue and includes satin lapels with a matching stripe down the sides of the trousers.

    The three-piece suit

    The name says it all, this design includes a jacket, vest, and trousers. This classic yet versatile option gives the groom freedom to tailor it to his own preference with his choice of fabric, color and accessories. 

    The single-breasted suit

    With a column of buttons and a narrower lapel, this design is a popular choice because it is a classic option that can easily accommodate a wide range of fabrics. It is also arguably the cut that matches the most body types. 

    The double-breasted suit

    Easily recognised by the two columns of buttons on the front of the jacket and a wider lapel, this suit gives off a vintage feel for a formal look that doesn’t feel too overdressed. 

    The slim fit suit

    Offering a more fitted silhouette, this suit provides a modern and stylish option and is definitely a popular choice for a made to order wedding suit for the  groom. It is a great choice for fashion-forward personalities who like to look sharp and on trend at all times.

    The dinner jacket

    This is a modified version of the tuxedo with a shawl collar. Traditionally a less formal option, the dinner jacket can feel easy going and still make a statement when combined with the right fabrics.

    The morning suit

    A very traditional and formal option, the jacket includes a tailcoat, striped trousers, and a waistcoat. It is best suited for daytime weddings with a strong ceremonial atmosphere.

    Men’s wedding suit ideas, what are the latest trends?  

    Wedding suit trends for men change every year but the most obvious shift is in the choice of color. Bright and bold hues like burgundy, emerald green, and navy blue are becoming more popular for wedding suits. These colors set a different, lighter, tone for the ceremony and also make the groom stand out from the rest of the wedding party. 

    Patterns have also made a slash recently. You may have seen grooms dressed in plaids, checks, and stripes. Along with patterns, textured fabrics like tweed, herringbone, and corduroy are becoming more popular for wedding suits. Velvet suits are becoming a staple of winter weddings, providing a more luxurious and sophisticated look while keeping warm. Whether discreet or daring, patterns and texture can definitely add a sophisticated or creative touch to a made to order wedding suit. 

    The style and cut of a wedding suit contributes to its overall statement. Double-breasted jackets are making a comeback in men's wedding suits, adding a touch of elegance. A favorite and enduring trend, the slim fit suit fits most modern types of weddings, whether they take place in the city hall, a church or at a more creative venue. 

    Ultimately, the groom should choose a suit that reflects his personal style and the theme of the wedding. This often comes down to the choice of materials from which the suit will be cut. 

    What types of fabrics should I choose for my custom wedding suit?

    Choosing the right fabric is important for many reasons, namely for comfort and style. A high level of natural fibers in textile is recommended, here are a few choices from which to decide:


    A popular choice for wedding suits because it is comfortable, durable, and can be worn in a variety of temperatures, this material can vary in  weight for warmer weather to colder winter days and nights. Dormeuil’s range of fabrics for made to order suits offers a wide range of wool for different needs.  

    Tweed, made from wool fibers, offers warm and durable fabric. It is at once a comfortable and stylish option for custom wedding suits, especially for fall or winter ceremonies. Grooms with a penchant for a rustic look will like its textured feel that immediately adds depth and character to an outfit. 


    A breathable and lightweight fabric, cotton is a great choice for summer or outdoor weddings. Suits cut in this fiber also offer a more casual look, making them more versatile. 


    Much like cotton, linen is perfect for casual summer weddings. The cloth’s relaxed feel makes it an ideal choice for beach or outdoor ceremonies. Bear in mind that classic linen tends to crease and crumple, making for a tricky choice for all-day wear. 


    Winter weddings have been featuring more and more velvet suits lately. Thanks to its sophisticated and elegant look, this soft fabric lends itself well to polished styles once the temperatures start to drop. 


    Lightweight and smooth, silk instantly brings an elegant touch to any outfit. Most commonly used for suit linings and details such as lapels or pockets. The more daring grooms might opt for a full silk suit for their big day. 

    Tailor or bespoke suit makers can help select the best fabric to match your personal style, the wedding’s atmosphere and the season.

    Dormeuil’s choice for made to order wedding suits

    Both innovative and refined, the Millennial® collection is Dormeuil’s latest offering of natural fiber based fabrics for modern day living. For example, we optimized pure wool’s natural stretch to weave a textile with an elegant look but with a high level of comfort. Our experts developed this set of plain fabrics with formal elegance and casual effortlessness in mind, a match made in heaven specifically designed for made to order wedding suits for men. Finally, the Millennial line also offers textiles with qualities like water repellency and resistance to creasing. We supply a range of tailors all over the world so ask your tailor of choice for this easy-to-wear collection of fabrics. 

    What to keep in mind with custom wedding suits?

    Opting for a made to measure wedding suit for the groom can be a great option if you want something that fits you perfectly and reflects your personal style. The most important piece of advice we can give is to plan ahead of time as the process may take several weeks or even months.

    Here are a few guiding steps:

    Choose the tailor wisely 

    How does one find a reputable tailor or made to order suit maker? Do your research. Look for reviews in your area and ask for recommendations to make sure they have the skills and expertise you need. Your tailor should also offer guidance when choosing details like the lining composition and color, button type, and pocket style.

    Schedule a consultation

    During this meeting, you'll discuss your style preferences, fabric choices, and measurements. Prepare ahead of time and bring photos or sketches of the style of suit you want. Be prepared to discuss details such as lapel style, pocket type, and button placement.

    Choose your fabric

    Your tailor will help you choose a fabric that will complement your body type and the wedding style. Dormeuil’s expertise centers around suit fabrics that range from wool, cotton, linen to a blend of materials to achieve a preferred look. If you aren’t familiar with fabrics, a good practice is to check what materials your favorite jackets or trousers are made of ahead of the appointment. 

    Get measured

    Your tailor will take accurate measurements of your body to ensure a perfect fit. Allow plenty of time for this appointment, a tailor may take over 20 different measurements, including your chest, waist, hips, and inseam.

    Attend fittings

    After your suit is made, you'll attend a series of fittings to ensure a perfect fit. You'll try on the suit and make adjustments until it fits correctly. This is why it is very important to allow enough time for this part of the process, which should never be rushed. Once all of the major adjustments are finalized, the tailor adds the final touches to the groom’s made to order suit, this includes hemming the pants and adding buttons. 

    On a final note, do keep in mind that no matter how well cut the suit is, it should reflect the groom’s personality and environment on the big day so that he feels comfortable and confident in his choice.