Men's Wool Overcoats and Jackets provide Coverage and Stylish Protection Against the Chill this winter

Men's Wool Overcoats and Jackets provide Coverage and Stylish Protection Against the Chill this winter

As the colder months settle in, the search for the perfect wool overcoat becomes paramount. A great winter coat must meet several key requirements: effective protection against the cold, water repellency, but also a balance between elegance and practicality. In this article, we delve into four key aspects in this winter season’s trends: texture, length, shape and the wool overcoat in everyday wear. Finally, we also show how mens wool fabrics can match these exciting trends. 

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1. The Hairy Wool Overcoat Trend

Menswear collections this season showed a strong shift in texture. Luxury fashion houses have wholeheartedly embraced this trend, showcasing wool overcoats that made models resemble elegant teddy bears. Crafted from luxurious mohair wool, shoulders cut very wide and broad shawl collars further define the coats’ silhouette. 

This cosy yet stylish winter option is aiming for a bold statement, bright and fiery hues were seen on sizable furry overcoats. For the more paired-down dressers, eye-catching texture does all the work against a sober colour palette of powdery beiges and off-whites.

2. The Length Factor in Wool Coats

Classic overcoats usually feature hems that fall just below the knee but this season might be pushing a different agenda in terms of length. Luxury powerhouses that usually deliver dramatic looks sent elongated silhouettes down the runway for this winter season. Timeless pieces like the trench coat or the wool overcoats seem to be tumbling down to the floor. This winter, whether cut from leather or wool, coats are dramatically long. Use it to your advantage! 

Long overcoats do not only provide ample coverage but also exude sophistication and an air of grandeur, whether belted to define the waist or left open to catch the wind. Long wool overcoats are definitely a fashion-forward choice this season for those seeking drama in their outerwear.

3. Shape and the Oversized Look

While length impart theatrical qualities, shape refuses to play small this season. 

Has big become the norm? Despite puffer jackets being spotted just about everywhere at men’s fashion weeks, oversized wool overcoats have taken centre stage this season.

An overcoat is usually double-breasted and composed of notched lapels. This season’s broad collars, dropped shoulders, and discreetly placed pockets, coats are looking different. Nothing states confidence like a wool overcoat’s perfectly placed pockets, slanted or straight. The poised and effortless hand-in-pockets attitude is safe this season. 

Bigger but simpler, and paired-down in design with single-breasted styles. Wool coat fabrics are also verging on lightness, warm and featherweight luxurious fabrics like cashmere are perfectly complementing this trend. Dormeuil’s mens wool fabrics are perfect for the kind of layering not just required but recommended this season.

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4. Practical and Utilitarian Influences

Once exclusive to the factory workers, the worker jacket has also emerged as a style statement for everyday wear. Drawing inspiration from a more pragmatic take on outerwear, a grey or navy jacket crafted from wool coat fabric will pair well with tailored trousers, providing a smart-casual choice for daily use. Dormeuil’s Cashmere bunch provides many mens’ wool fabrics from which to create the right jacket for layering to suit your personality. Moreover, our stylists’ colour suggestions also allow for both tasteful and creative associations of jacket and trousers fabrics. 

Because the devil is also, some might argue “forever”, in the details, the slightly boxy cut is complemented by utilitarian pockets (4 on the front) in keeping with the worker jacket's essence. The more daring might pair the functional aesthetic with luxurious wool fabric for men’s suits, making it something wholly new: pragmatic yet distinctive and versatile.

The Wool Overcoat a Timeless Essential

In the midst of a tumultuous sea of audacious designs and a riot of textures and hues, the wool overcoat stands resolute, an enduring cornerstone of winter fashion. While the athletic trend has taken everyone by storm in recent years, the timeless allure of a meticulously crafted, classic wool overcoat remains unwavering.

Confronting low temperatures and capricious weather need not imply letting go of sartorial preferences. The wool overcoat, an indispensable ally in the heart of winter, not only shields against the biting chill but also serves as a dynamic canvas for expressing your personality. We have carefully composed our Luxury Overcoatings bunch to offer overcoat propositions that will best suit this season’s trends. Whether it be in a sophisticated grey or an uplifting orange, cashmere serves as the perfect base from which to create a feather light overcoat.

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Regardless of your chosen style, let it include high-quality craftsmanship and precision tailoring, ready to accompany you on outdoor escapades, whether in the heart of the city or in the countryside.