MILLENNIAL® Genesis: crafting wool suit fabric combining Luxury and Sustainability

MILLENNIAL® Genesis: crafting wool suit fabric combining Luxury and Sustainability

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion and textiles, Dormeuil’s latest creation - Millennial® Genesis - builds upon a modern take on luxury cloth for suits. Building upon the remarkable legacy of Dormeuil’s luxury cloth creation, this new collection represents a harmonious blend of sophistication and responsible practices. From carefully selected wool fibres to expertly designed weaves, these fabrics epitomise Dormeuil's unwavering commitment to not only deliver the highest quality materials but also following a path of environmental stewardship.

Woven from high-quality superfine wool, the collection offers the perfect canvas from which to create the modern suit. It is definitely a collection for those who require stylish yet functional suits that last. Those who like to stay impeccable all day long without having to compromise on ease of movement will enjoy Merino wool

The yarn chosen for Millennial® Genesis is "100% Worsted wool"; it refers to a high-quality type of wool fabric commonly used in the production of suits and other fine garments. 

Spun from worsted wool, the yarn is smooth, fine-textured. The worsted wool process is known for producing durable, strong yet crease resistant suit fabric. It produces a cloth that showcases a clean and polished appearance, making it a popular choice for contemporary suits.

Ethically sourced wool for added responsibility

Millennial® Genesis employs fibres that were sourced from farmers and merino sheep breeders Dormeuil holds a strong relationship with. The collection only employs  ethically sourced wool that holds a 100% RWS certification thus safeguarding both animal welfare and the environment.
Standing for Responsible Wool Standard, RWS is a global standard for the ethical and sustainable production of wool. 

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) represents a comprehensive framework for the production of ethically sourced wool. Beyond ensuring the well-being of sheep, RWS mandates clean water, nutritious food, and proper shelter, while firmly prohibiting practices like mulesing. 

It emphasises sustainable land management, promoting responsible grazing and soil conservation. Minimising chemical usage and preserving biodiversity, especially in pest and predator control, are essential aspects. RWS also upholds social responsibility and fair labour practices for farm workers. Most importantly, RWS certification guarantees full transparency throughout the supply chain, enabling traceability from farm to the final ethically sourced wool product. 

Why is Merino wool the best for suits? 

Descending from a long heritage of Australia and New Zealand’s history of textile manufacturing, the merino wool suit fabric crafted by Dormeuil not only offers high tailorability, great natural stretch, excellent wrinkle recovery but also long-lasting comfort.

Merino wool is the premier choice for crafting wool suit fabrics, and its superiority stems from a combination of remarkable attributes that elevate it above other materials. It offers a variety of useful properties:

  • Luxurious comfort & durability ensures comfortable and long-lasting wool suit fabric. 
  • Exceptional draping qualities offer superior handling perfect for complementing sophisticated cuts with a timeless quality.
  • Fine fibre quality is guaranteed as Merino wool is naturally composed of ultra-fine fibres. This fine crimp provides superb elasticity and longevity to the wool suit fabric.
  • Versatile & functional, merino wool is anti-static, breathable, odour absorbent and adaptable, this fibre can be subject to many finishing treatments like water-repellency, enhanced odour-absorption and flame-resistance.
  • Sustainable & ethical sourcing is a priority with Dormeuil's commitment to sourcing Merino wool from reputable RWS certified breeders. This means that the yarn is manufactured ensuring the highest standards of wool suit fabric production and animal welfare.

Millennial® Genesis looks and feels different

Millennial® Genesis distinguishes itself by a colour palette of deep plains and micro-design patterns. Fabrics are piece dyed or yarn dyed according to the desired effect. Its surface texture is especially interesting because it features a prunelle weave, one of Dormeuil’s success stories.

Plain weaves with a twist

Twelve references from this winter season’s Millennial bunch feature a 99% wool and 1% lycra composition. The added elasticity that results from this blend makes sure the suit fabric remains comfortable and stays true to its shape in all circumstances. 

Colour references include deep and vibrant hues. A strong proposition of blues here, anywhere from a shade reminiscent of a summer sky to deeper oceanic variations, make sure there is a shade from which to craft the quintessential navy blue blazer. Greens and browns also come in for a balanced colour offering this season. Finally, shades of beige and grey complete this carefully selected palette. 

What is Prunelle weaving ?

Prunelle is a weaving technique that has gained recognition for its lightweight and modern look. Prunelle weaving is typically characterised by its subtle, elegant design, which adds a touch of sophistication to luxury suit fabrics.

Prunelle weaving is an excellent choice for Dormeuil’s Millennial® Genesis collection  for several reasons: 

Visual Appeal
Prunelle fabric's distinctive pattern offers an appealing texture and depth to the shades. The delicate micro-designs add a subtle, refined tactile sensation to the suit, making it suitable for both formal and semi-formal occasions.

Weave Selection
This weave offers the comfort of natural fibres while maintaining the suit's shape and structure.

Timeless Elegance
The understated elegance of prunelle weaving gives suits a timeless quality. This type of wool suit fabric will remain wearable throughout time, making it a smart investment for any wardrobe.

Dormeuil’s choice of super fine Merino wool for the Millennial® Genesis line is not only driven by the ambition to offer an array of suit fabrics. It is designed and crafted to weather not only the elements but also the events of everyday life. Join us on a journey through this exceptional line that seamlessly fuses comfort, style, and eco-consciousness, redefining the possibilities of suits in the world of woollen textiles.