Winter bunch 22 Dormeuil Collection

Welcome to the new Winter 22 Bunches !

This season, Dormeuil will launch 4 bunches:

  • Amadeus®, Dormeuil’s best-seller is celebrating its 30th anniversary! Renowned for combining performance and comfort with excellent drape, Amadeus® is made of pure extrafine merino wool which gives outstanding performance.

  • Travel Resistant, the revolutionary fabric, which combines the latest in textile technology: natural stretch, lasting drape and handle, antimicrobial textile finishing and a Nano finish for water repellence. All these advantages are combined in one fabric to provide maximum protection and resistance.


  • Luxury Overcoatings, a gorgeous selection of 37 luxurious fabrics for coats displaying all the latest technical innovations. With the Overcoatings the cold temperatures of deep winter will be easy to venture, especially with the warmth given by cashmere, alpaca and brushed wool.
Naturals Attitude fabric

  • Last but not the least discover Naturals Attitude, a rich, inspiring collection of comfortable and cosy garments. Naturals Attitude is made of various blends in luxurious soft natural fibres such as wool, cotton, linen, bamboo or cashmere.
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