Tutorial : How to tie your Necktie

necktie is the finishing touch for your outfit. Do you know the different ways to tie your necktie? Learn how to tie a simple knot, a four-in-hand or a Windsor knot with the following tutorial:

tie a necktie

Our tailor’s advice:
- The point of your tie should fall slightly above the level of your belt.
- Narrow ties, around 6 cm wide, are better for the young and modern look.
- The width of your tie should be in proportion to your jacket lapels: for wide lapels, choose a wide tie. In contrast, opt for a narrow tie to match the proportions of a jacket with narrow lapels.
- Add a touch of style and personality to an outfit by accessorising with a tie, varying your choice of colours, fabrics and patterns.

The motto here is simple: Be daring!